Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things that make me happy in Uganda

Picking the right day (sunny) to do my laundry

Being greeted with ten (or more) enthusiastic and genuine hugs from toddlers in the morning

Anneke’s gift - a dark chocolate bar

Passion fruit mixed with vanilla yogurt

Grilled bananas

Chapatis (they lend a little variety to the lunch time menu)

Riding on the boda boda and watching all the people cooking, washing clothes, hanging laundry, tilling the land

Children shouting “Hi Mzungu!” & “Bye Mzungu!”

Watching the monkeys swinging in the trees behind the containers

Looking at the unfamiliar crops, and learning a little more about agriculture

Father Abraham

The sounds of all the different birds and insects. (One bird makes a noise that sounds like an alarm clock.)

Seeing the school children in their uniforms, dancing and singing in a circle. There is something somewhat orderly and innocent about it, in this country where not much seems to fit that description.

The intense greenery that surrounds me.

The fact that I am learning to be a little more patient

The honesty (and sometimes sly manipulation) of children

The colors of the women’s clothing

The paraffin lamps in Mukono in the evening, and the fact that you can pass an hour eating and watching the traffic pass by and never grow bored.


Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

I just have to say, what a wonderful thing you are doing. Many Blessings upon you...

wanderlustjill said...

to echo y'er woman's comments here...i see a familiar thread in your posts. she, of course, noticed food. for me, the thread is a little ugandan about *this* big named father abraham. :) i love you, amy.

ArtCricket said...

I'm so happy to see that you are absorbing your surroundings and enjoying them. These days are precious, you know. Love you-J

Virgin Akins said...

My darling Amy, what an experience you are having. Thanks for sharing them with family and friends and FANS!