Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things I saw on my 3 hour walk

Probably a hundred children, all jumping and shouting, "Mazungu, Mazungu!" (Swahili for "white man")
banana, papaya trees
a woman making chapatis by the side of the road
a big tree, like the kind you always see in movies about Africa
many bare-bottomed chidren
little stands where women were selling tomatoes, pineapples, sweet potatoes and onions
a man riding a bicycle loaded with the grasses they use for roofing
men building a new village with brick homes with tin roofs
a small black pig
many speeding boda bodas
children playing soccer at an orphanage
about 20 roosters
30 baby goats
a boy washing his shoes
women pumping water from a well; they laughed hysterically when one of the Dutch men stopped and filled all their cans for them
men who said, "hello rich woman!"
many rolling hills
sugar cane fields
women hanging out laundry


Mr. Fob said...

Were the children wearing leather chaps with the bottoms cut out? Because if so, that's weird.

ArtCricket said...

Love the list, one of my favorite papers eric wrote in HS was a "list" paper. Hope today is going better. Rachel emailed that she talked with you.
Love you bunches, take lots of pictures.

brian said...

Did you actually count the goats and the roosters? That makes me smile.

wanderlustjill said...

when i visit places i often think, "if i had to sum up this place, these people, or this experience, what five words would i choose?" and, after my friends return from a trip, i like to ask them to explain to me in five words their journey. i think it evokes a very sensual and honest response. it allows me to see, smell, and hear their travels. thank your for allowing me to travel to uganda, albeit vicariously. much love to you always, amy. -jill

Dos Blessed said...

thank you for taking us on this journey with you! you are offering so much hope to those children and the community through your presence and your desires to offer better healthcare. they are forgotten by so many, but not by you. i can only imagine what a few minutes with each child must offer for their futures. i'm praying for your strength and perserverance as you pour everything you have into those innocent ones who share homesickness in common with you. thank you for being their home!
love you sister!!