Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What will be your legacy?

On Monday we opened the Advanced Research Methods 2010 course at the University of Nairobi. More than 150 Kenyan professors, researchers, and graduate students applied, and about a third were accepted. I am co-teaching a course next week, and attended the first day to support my colleagues and greet the students. Before we began instruction, Professor Ngugi, Director of U of N's Centre for HIV Prevention and Research, gave a welcome speech to the students. First I should say Professor Ngugi is a tiny but formidable woman, and when she shakes her finger and gives a directive, I'm inclined to take heed! She congratulated the students for being accepted to the course, and provided a warm welcome. Then after emphasizing the importance of creating real and palpable change with newly acquired knowledge, with a slight pace and a finger pointed toward her audience she pointedly asked them to consider the following question: "What will be your legacy?"

When I have a spare moment to think, I'm going to marinate on that question and get back to you. Would love to hear what you hope your legacy will be.

much love.

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