Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I spy

Birds circling over corrugated tin roofs, orbiting satellite disks and stopping to rest in hollowed windows
A lady in a red-checkered skirt walking slowly downhill with one arm swinging
Tuk tuks and cyclists ferrying passengers to work
The calm waters of Lake Victoria waiting for the fishermen to pluck their wares from her waters
A pile of garbage next to the Odila Engineers company
Technicolor ads for Popco vegetable oil, Zain internet, Crown weather gaurd, Jessa glass and hardware
A truck driver wearing a beautiful hand knit prayer cap, beating the hood of his truck with a rag to clear it of dust
A man pushing a bicycle uphill while balancing 8 crates of white bread on its back rim
A woman walking while her chador flaps in the breeze
A boda boda driver looking for a fare
A sudden and rare internet connection!


Rachel said...

love the visuals - glad you finally had a connection!

Bryn Photography . . . Telling Your Story said...

love this! thanks for posting, amy. miss you:)

maurice said...

that is really cool...your writing style expands the senses beyond just is like i can imagine the scents and sounds that would accompany the imaging...can you be my creative writing mentor!

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Nice snapshot! Miss you.